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Introduction to this website

Whether you are a resident - current or prospective, a local business person, someone employed in the neighbourhood or a visitor from elsewhere, we hope you will find the website informative, useful and interesting.

This HOME PAGE: Sections - News and information; What's On; Local flood risk information (for quick access please click HERE); About this website including technical and copyright information.

The LOCAL NEWS page carries an archive of previous significant local news stories which the site has published.

The FEATURES PAGE - One of the most important local events of recent years has been the rebuilding of Dogpool Lane Bridge over the River Rea in 2012 - 2013. A detailed illustrated report of the entire project can be found on this page.

The LOCAL INFO page: Sections - All about Selly Park (which includes a map of our neighbourhood); Information for newcomers; A concise history of our neighbourhood.

The LOCAL LINKS page: This page contains information about important local websites and links to them, for example Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, local churches, local schools, local health facilities, a variety of local organisations, etc.

The YOUR FORUM page: Sections - Aims and Objectives; The backgound of the Forum; Area covered; Membership and finance; The work of the Forum; Our public open meetings; Helping to make our neighbourhood look good; The Management Committee.

The CONTACT US page: To contact us by email or post.


News and Information

Exercise of the Selly Park South Flood Action Plan

Following the serious flooding of parts of the neighbourhood in September 2008, Selly Park South Flood Action Group was formed by local residents in 2009 to help on occasions when flooding is threatened or actually happens.

When the Environment Agency issues Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings, the Flood Action Group works with the Agency and Birmingham City Council in trying to assist in the protection of homes. Flood Action Group volunteers attempt to warn residents of the danger by making loud hailer announcements, and support residents by distributing flood defence equipment, working with Birmingham City Council to get sand bags delivered to the neighbourhood and generally trying to advise residents and keep them informed of the developing situation.

On the morning of Saturday 16th April 2016, 14 members of the Flood Action Group, supported by an officer from the Environment Agency, successfully carried out an exercise to test the working of the Flood Action Plan and to raise public awareness of the risk of flooding in the area.


Five members of the Flood Action Group on the exercise. To view further images of the exercise please click here.

Although it has not been necessary to fully mobilise the Flood Action Group since 2012, the danger of flooding remains. The most recent Flood Alert was on 9th March 2016. Fortunately the heavy rainfall on this occasion did not result in a full Flood Warning having to be issued and the event passed without incident. However, the level of the River Rea at Calthorpe Park Level Gauge reached 1.36 metres, whereas the maximum level reached during the flood of September 2008 was 2.20 metres. There is no doubt that if a level of this magnitude was reached again, a number of our local streets would be flooded, which is why the Flood Action Group and Plan and public awareness of the risk remain necessary, until the planned Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme (FRMS) is built. Further information about Local Flood Risk and the FRMS can be found on this Home Page.

New flood insurance scheme to cut bills for house owners

Homeowners living in high flood-risk areas of the UK should now be able to save significant sums on their insurance premiums. thanks to a new scheme called Flood Re which has been designed to cut bills for those whose homes are in danger of flooding.

The Flood Re information sheet for England is available by clicking HERE. This lealet is in printable pdf format.

To read a BBC News report about this, please click here.

Note from Website Editor: Living in a flood risk zone as I do, following the flood of 2008 my insurance company kept on increasing my annual premium each year, even though my own property had just escaped flooding. When they doubled the premium from £2000 to £3000 a year I spent a long time trying to find an alternative insurer, but none of the big insurance companies would cover me. Eventually I found an specialist company who arranged house and contents insurance for me for under £800 a year. So rather than saving me hundreds of pounds as suggested in the report, it would potentially have saved me thousands, had I not been able to secure the better deal. However, this was only possible because my house wasn't actually flooded. The Flood Re scheme, which has taken years of negotiation between the Government and the insurance industry to establish, should overcome problems like this and make affordable insurance available to people living in flood risk zones, including those whose houses have actually been flooded.

Proposed development by St Andrew's Healthcare at Dogpool Lane

St Andrew's Healthcare is a charity providing specialist care for people with complex mental health needs. St Andrew's Birmingham, situated in Dogpool Lane, is one of the charity's four sites across the UK and provides care for men and women with mental illness and autistic syndrome spectrum disorders. This comprises of medium and low secure units with a total of 128 beds.

The development is proposed next to the existing hospital site to meet St Andrew's need to help treat more patients across Birmingham. The charity owns the land and has outline planning permission from Birmingham City Council for an extensive new healthcare development which will broaden the range of services offered by providing facilities for expert care for people with Huntington's disease and complex dementia.

The development will also require the construction of a flood risk management scheme working with the Environment Agency through the Rea Catchment Partnership As well as benefitting the site this will also help to bring much needed flood protection to the residential streets to the north of Dogpool Lane. To learn more about the Rea Catchment Partnership and the Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme please click here.

To learn more about St Andrew's Healthcare please click here.

To learn more about consultation and preparatory work that has already taken place, please see the NEWS AND INFORMATION page of our website.

Warning from Police - Debt Collection Phishing Email

We have received the following alert and advice from West Midlands Police:

A new phishing email that purports to be from a debt collection agency has been brought to our attention. The message contains a link which may install malicious software (malware) such as Cryptolocker, which is a form of ransomware that will encrypt files on Windows-based computers and then demand a fee to unlock them. The emails are more convincing than those we're used to as they are written in good English and include detailed personal details such as full name, address and postcode. It is likely the information has been obtained from a hacked website. Please advise anyone who may have received this email to delete it immediately. Under no circumstances should they click on the link or reply to the email.

For further information please visit the Action Fraud website: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/alert-fake-debt-collection-and-council-tax-emails-apr16 The story has also been picked up by the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35977227 Please copy and paste these links to your browser if you wish to use them.

Domestic waste and recycling


Please note that where households have been supplied with wheelie bins these MUST be used and that waste put out in plastic sacks is no longer acceptable.

DOMESTIC WASTE COLLECTIONS WEDNESDAY 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th MAY: Please put out GREY LID wheelie bins on edge of the footway on Tuesday evenings ready for collection early Wednesday morning. For details of what can be put in your wheelie bin please click here.

RECYCLING COLLECTIONS WEDNESDAY 11th and 25th MAY: Please put out BLUE LID wheelie bins on the edge of the footway for cans and plastic and glass bottles and containers. POD INSIDE wheelie bin for paper and cardboard. For details of what can be recycled please click here.

GREEN WASTE COLLECTIONS WEDNESDAY 4th and 18th MAY: Please put out GREEN LID wheelie bins on edge of the footway on Tuesday evenings ready for collection early Wednesday morning. For details of what can be put in your wheelie bin please click here

Garden waste collection - subscribe to Birmingham City Council's 2016 service here

For residents who have subscribed, the garden waste collection service started in Selly Park on Wednesday 24th February and garden waste will be collected fortnightly on the same day as your household waste but in the alternate week to your recycling. You are reminded to present your Garden Waste bin before 6am on the scheduled collection day.

Anyone wishing to have their garden waste collected in a clean and convenient way can NOW subscribe to Birmingham City Council's 2016 service.

The annual subscription charge is unchanged from this year at £35 for 20 fortnightly collections from February to November - with an online order discount of £2 for all orders made during reducing the cost to £33.

New for 2016 is an expansion to the types of waste people can put into their garden waste bins. Uncooked vegetables, spoilt fruit and used tea bags will all be accepted as part of the expanded service.

To place your order please click here.

Alternatively you can take your green recycling to the household recycling centre at Lifford Lane - for details please click here

Opening hours at the City's five Household Recycling Centres - including Lifford Lane

Weekday opening hours 8am-8pm.
Weekend opening hours 8am-4.30pm.

What's On

Birmingham Bulletin - May Edition

We have not received our monthly subscription link to the bulletin through the govdeliv.com system and so unfortunately we are unable to publish the bulletin for May.

Whats on in South Brum!

Events and activities for children and young people. For full information please click here.

Events at the mac in May

For listings of WHAT'S ON at the mac (the Midlands Arts Centre) Cannon Hill Park, please click here.

Christ Church Luncheon Club

The Lunch Club is open to local community members of all faiths and we meet on Wednesdays, 11.30am to 2pm during the school term times. Cost: £4.00 per week.

We provide a two-course hot meal and opportunities to make friends, chat and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other festivals. Light exercises are led by a qualified physiotherapist. Transport to and from Christ Church can be arranged using the Ring and Ride service.

For further information: E-mail lunchclub@christ-church-selly-park.org.uk OR visit the website www.christ-church-selly-park.org.uk OR phone 0121 471 2379 OR simply call in on any Wednesday morning and speak with us! Christ Church Selly Park, 953 Pershore Road Birmingham B29 7PS.

Holders Lane and Pebble Mill Fields - News and Activities

Further information about activities will appear here.

For background information about the Fields please click HERE.

Neighbourhood Forum Meetings

FORUM OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS are normally held in October, February, May and July (AGM).

These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss local matters of interest or concern and to inform residents of developments affecting the local area.

Next up is the OPEN MEETING which will be be held at 7:30pm on TUESDAY 17th MAY 2016 at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7PS.

If you need to get in touch with the Forum between meetings then please use the CONTACT US page of this website.

Selly Oak MP's and City Councillors' Advice Centre

Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak parliamentary constituency, and the City Councillors for Selly Oak Ward hold their monthly advice centre for local residents at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7PS on the first Saturday of each month except when the first Saturday falls on the 1st in which case the date will be the second Saturday (the 8th). The MP and Councillors are in attendance from 10.30am to 12 noon and no appointment is required - residents are seen in order of arrival.

JANUARY: Steve McCabe will NOT be holding an advice centre in Selly Park this month. There will be a City Councillor only advice centre at Christ Church from 10.30am to 12.00 noon on Saturday 2nd January.
FEBRUARY: Steve McCabe and the City Councillors advice centres will be held at Selly Park Baptist Church, Pershore Road (by the corner of Selly Park Road) between 10.30am and 12 noon on Saturday 6th February.
MARCH: The advice centres will return to their normal pattern and location at Christ Church Selly Park.

Future dates can be checked by clicking HERE.

Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Tasking Meetings

Ward tasking meetings are a monthly meeting where members of the public are invited to raise issues in the area that they live. There will always be a police representative and where possible a member of the local council present. This is a real opportunity to influence policing in the area that you live. Local issues and priorities are discussed and agreed at these meetings. They are then recorded on the West Midlands Police website where all updates of action taken are also available to be viewed.

To find out when and where the next meeting will be held please click HERE and select YOUR LOCAL POLICE from the top menu, then BIRMINGHAM SOUTH from the drop down menu, then SELLY OAK and then MEETINGS.

To read a police news release about conflict resolution in disputes between neighbours please click here.

To read a police news release about new powers over anti-social behaviour please click here.

Christ Church Lunch Club, Toddler Group and Friday Coffee Mornings

During school term time - activities for the WHOLE community! LUNCH CLUB is each Wednesday. TODDLER GROUP is each Monday and Thursday. COFFEE MORNING is each Friday. For further details please see or LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES section below.

Links to other websites

This important section now has its own page. To see it please go to the LOCAL LINKS page.

Local flood risk information


Click here for the latest Birmingham weather forecast from the BBC Weather Centre.

Residents living in some parts of Selly Park South are at risk of flooding. The last serious flood occurred in September 2008 and prompted the Neighbourhood Forum to set up the Selly Park South Flood Action Group and in conjuction with the Environment Agency and Birmingham City Council to establish a Flood Action Plan for the neighbourhood. The Flood Action Group is staffed by local residents who are volunteers who have been trained by Emergency Planning Officers from the City Council and by Flood Risk Management Officers of the Environment Agency. In the event of a Flood Alert our volunteers act as first responders to the threat, backed up by the City Council and the Environment Agency and if necessary the Emergency Services.

In the event of flooding properties are at risk in the following roads:
All of Cecil Road
All of Fashoda Road
Hobson Road between Fashoda Road and Cecil Road
Kitchener Road between Fashoda Road and the river
Dogpool Lane from the river bridge to Manilla Road
Moor Green Lane adjacent to river bridge

RESIDENTS WHO LIVE IN THE FLOOD RISK ZONE ARE URGED TO SIGN UP WITH THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY FOR THE FLOOD WARNINGS DIRECT SERVICE. If the level of the River Rea starts to rise dangerously you will receive a call to your landline or mobile to warn you to be prepared IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO THE SCHEME. Please use the following link to the Environment Agency for details. Click here to access the flooding pages of the Environment Agency’s website where you can check if your home is in a flood risk location, register for the FWD service if it is, check flood warnings in force at any time, learn about how to prepare against flooding and obtain advice on what to do in the event of a flood.

RESIDENTS LIVING IN THE FLOOD RISK ZONE NEED TO BE FAMILIAR WITH THE FLOOD ACTION PLAN. Please click HERE to access a copy of the plan and to print it so that it is easily available in the event of a Flood Alert.

FOR IMMEDIATE FLOOD WARNING INFORMATION call the Environment Agency Floodline number on 0845 988 1188. When you are asked if you know the quick dial number for your area to hear flood warning information enter 05212421.


TO SEE THE CURRENT AND RECENT LEVEL OF THE RIVER REA AT CALTHORPE PARK, please click HERE. This information is provided from the automatic reiver level gauge at Calthorpe. Please be aware that this gauge is downstream from the confluence of the Rea and Bourn Brook and so will not entirely relect the river level in Selly Park South. However it serves as a broad indicator of how the river is behaving. The Selly Park river gauge whilst fully active will not be shown on Live River Levels for some time until suffient data has accumulated to allow full calibration.

TO ACCESS ENVIRONMENT AGENCY FLOOD RISK MAPS use the following link, go to Section, click on Go to risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea map and enter your B29 postcode or if you are a visitor enter B29 7QQ which is located by Dogpool Bridge. Please click here.

WHAT IS BEING DONE TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION? To read about the River Rea Partnership please click here.

TO CONTACT SELLY PARK SOUTH FLOOD ACTION GROUP PLEASE CALL 0121 415 5088 or use the email address on the CONTACT US page of this website.

TO ACCESS THE NATIONAL FLOOD FORUM DIRECTORY OF FLOOD DEFENCE PRODUCTS ('The Blue Pages') please click here. Please note that having been broken this link has now been restored.

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