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Introduction to this website

Whether you are a resident - current or prospective, a local business person, someone employed in the neighbourhood or a visitor from elsewhere, we hope you will find the website informative, useful and interesting.

This HOME PAGE: Sections - the latest News and information for Selly Park and the Birmingham Bulletin with with the latest news, information, events and competitions from Birmingham City Council; Local flood risk information (for quick access please click HERE); About this website including technical and copyright information.

The LOCAL NEWS page carries an archive of previous significant local news stories which the site has published.

The FEATURES PAGE - One of the most important local events of recent years has been the rebuilding of Dogpool Lane Bridge over the River Rea in 2012 - 2013. A detailed illustrated report of the entire project can be found on this page. Ahead of that is another major construction project, in progress since the start of 2017, the Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme.

The LOCAL INFO page: Sections - All about Selly Park (which includes a map of our neighbourhood); Information for newcomers; A concise history of our neighbourhood.

The LOCAL LINKS page: This page contains information about important local websites and links to them, for example Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, local churches, local schools, local health facilities, a variety of local organisations, etc.

The YOUR FORUM page: Sections - Aims and Objectives; The backgound of the Forum; Area covered; Membership and finance; The work of the Forum; Our public open meetings; Helping to make our neighbourhood look good; The Management Committee.

The CONTACT US page: To contact us by email or post.


News and Information

Police warning: Do NOT leave your car unattended while it is deicing. It may not be there when you return!

Friends of The Fields - Conservation work report

From the Friends of Holders Lane and Pebble Mill Fields

Sunday 5th November 2017:


Five of us working very hard this month, including Jan the Ranger,(good to have her guidance and support). This month we tackled several of the oak trees at the far end of Holders Woods, top of the hill path from the doctor’s entrance. The idea was to lift the branches to about 4ft / shoulder height, allowing us to remove damaged, diseased, dead and crossing branches. The result is a lovely reshaping of the trees which also allows the air and light in much more around the main trunks. The removed branches have been carefully woven together to create a ‘dead hedge’ on the left-hand side of the path leading into the woods. A fabulous habitat for many birds and mammals. Have a walk round and see; we hope you will be as pleased with the results as we are. Next month we may continue this activity to try and complete, along with some coppice work that also needs completing from earlier in the year. A big thank you for all the hard work (sawing is hard work!) to Pete, Fiona, Ian, Helen and Jan.

Next month the activity on Sunday 3rd December will hopefully round off with a warming tot of mulled wine and a festive biscuit! Hope to see you there!

Birmingham Bulletin

Welcome to Birmingham Bulletin with the latest news, information, events and competitions from Birmingham City Council. To read the latest edition dated 10th November 2017 including news of the Christmas attractions in the City please click HERE.

Birmingham Connected November update

This update contains transport information intended to make travelling in and around Birmingham easier and better for all.

For details please click HERE

For October update details click on the link, open the Word file and then click on the links in that document which interest you. Please click HERE

Suspension of selected local bus stops

From Network West Midlands: Faster bus journeys.

We're working closely with bus operators to make bus travel more reliable by speeding up bus journeys that we know are affected by congestion. We are doing this by trialling the closure of carefully selected stops until March 2018.

For further details please click HERE.

Please note that in Selly Park the stops on both sides of the road near First Avenue are suspended which means using either the stops near Kensington Road or near Upland Road (Selly Park Tavern) instead.

To learn more about who Network West Midlands are and what they do please click HERE.

Bus lane enforcement cameras go live

The next phase of bus lane enforcement cameras have gone live in Birmingham – with a clear warning to motorists: cross the line, pay the fine.   Bus lane cameras will be located along the B4128 in Bordesley Green, A5127 and A38 Lichfield Road and Tyburn Road, and on the A441 Pershore Road. Bus lanes keep the city moving, giving priority to buses so they can avoid traffic congestion.

For further details please click HERE.

Work is now well advanced on the Environment Agency's £2.4 million flood risk management scheme in Selly Park South

To read the press release on this issued by the Environment Agency on 7th December please click HERE.


To view a larger version of this image please click HERE.

Please note that completion of the project is now likely to be at the end of 2017.

PROGRESS REPORT - 17th November 2017:


The image shows the view upstream towards Dogpool Bridge. The building of the flood defence wall on the Cecil Road side (right) has been completed as has much of the construction of the flood defence wall on the Moor Green Lane side (left). Work continues on the remaining section of this wall where concrete pouring is currently taking place.

On the upstream (southern) side of the bridge (not pictured) the flood defence walls have been completed for some time and all of the flood defence embankments are in place and awaiting seeding with grass. Work is continuing to complete the ramp which will take the cycleway and footpath over the flood defence embankment alongside Moor Green Lane.

Further information: For PREVIOUS PROGRESS REPORTS on the construction phase please see the FEATURES page of this website.For BACKGROUND INFORMATION on flooding in Selly Park South and the planning and consultation process for the flood risk management scheme and the associated St Andrews Healthcare Phase 2 development please see relevant articles on the LOCAL NEWS page. To read about LOCAL FLOOD RISK in Selly Park South please refer to the relevant section lower down this HOME PAGE.

Domestic waste and recycling


Weekly collections of general waste and alternating fortnightly collections of general recycling and green waste. Please ensure that recycling and household rubbish is separated and placed into the correct bins.

On Wednesday 22nd November BLUE LID RECYCLING BINS containing paper, glass and plastic recycling will be collected.

On Wednesday 29th November GREEN LID RECYCLING BINS containing green garden waste will be collected from those houses contracted into this service. Please note that this is the final collection for this season.

For a reminder of the rules regarding suitability of materials for recycling please HERE.

Residents can also take waste and recycling to the BCC-Veolia Lifford Lane depot. Winter hours of opening are now as follows:
Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00
Saturday and Sunday 08:00 to 16:30
To view a webcam image in order to monitor the queue at the depot entrance please click HERE. The image can take a while to load so please be patient.

Neighbourhood Forum Meetings

FORUM OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS are normally held in October, February, May and July (AGM). The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held successfully on TUESDAY 18th JULY 2017.

These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss local matters of interest or concern and to inform residents of developments affecting the local area.

The nest OPEN MEETING which will be be held at 7.30pm on TUESDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2018 at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7PS.

If you need to get in touch with the Forum between meetings then please use the CONTACT US page of this website.

Selly Oak MP's and City Councillors' Advice Centre

Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak parliamentary constituency, and the City Councillors for Selly Oak Ward hold their monthly advice centre for local residents at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7PS on the first Saturday of each month except when the first Saturday falls on the 1st in which case the date will be the second Saturday (the 8th). The MP and Councillors are in attendance from 10.30am to 12 noon and no appointment is required - residents are seen in order of arrival.

Future dates can be checked by clicking HERE.

Domestic waste and recycling


From Monday 9 October the bin crews will be returning to weekly collections on your normal day. Please ensure that recycling and household rubbish is separated and placed into the correct bins.

On Wednesday 11th October BLUE LID RECYCLING BINS containing paper, galss and plastic recycling will be collected.

On Wednesday 18th October GREEN LID RECYCLING BINS containing green garden waste will be collected from those houses contracted into this service.

For a reminder of the rules regarding suitability of materials for recycling please HERE.

Summer opening hours at the City's Lifford Lane Household Recycling Centre April to October:
Monday to Friday 07:00 to 21:00
Saturday and Sunday 07:00 to 21:00 (no vans after 16:00)
To view a webcam image in order to monitor the queue at the depot entrance please click HERE. The image can take a while to load so please be patient.

Local events and activities

THE BOARD GAME CAFE - Where is it? What is it? How does it work? The find out please click HERE


Anyone quoting the 'Selly Park South' website will get their first class free!

SwingTrain is an exercise to music class to the vintage vibes of swing, gospel, rhythm & blues and jazz – a marked difference to the electronic music that dominates the majority of cardio exercise classes. The fitness regime has been developed by Scott Cupit, the award winning dance teacher and entrepreneur whose pitch for Swing Patrol – the dance school and events company – secured investment on BBC Dragons’ Den. Duncan Bannatyne wanted to try swing in health clubs and Piers Linney was looking for ‘the Zumba of Swing’. SwingTrain launched this year under the guidance of investor Deborah Meaden, and local fitness instructor Carola Lange has been selected as the first SwingTrainer in South Birmingham.

The SwingTrain total body workouts are inclusive and suitable for all levels of fitness and coordination. No dance or fitness class experience is required whatsoever. Qualified SwingTrain fitness instructors lead participants through a series of fun, follow-along moves. The full body cardio workouts exercise legs, arms and core, as well as developing coordination and mental agility through memorable routines. SwingTrain session lasts for 30 minutes, or an hour, including warm-up and warm-down time, depending on whether you attend the full high-intensity work-out or the new gentler 30-minute 'Get Active' sessions.

To find out more and to take part please click HERE or to visit the SwingTrainBrum Facebook page please click HERE

Local flood risk information


Click here for the latest Birmingham weather forecast from the BBC Weather Centre.

Residents living in some parts of Selly Park South are at risk of flooding. The last serious flood occurred in September 2008 and prompted the Neighbourhood Forum to set up the Selly Park South Flood Action Group and in conjuction with the Environment Agency and Birmingham City Council to establish a Flood Action Plan for the neighbourhood. The Flood Action Group is staffed by local residents who are volunteers who have been trained by Emergency Planning Officers from the City Council and by Flood Risk Management Officers of the Environment Agency. In the event of a Flood Alert our volunteers act as first responders to the threat, backed up by the City Council and the Environment Agency and if necessary the Emergency Services.

In the event of flooding properties are at risk in the following roads:
All of Cecil Road
All of Fashoda Road
Hobson Road between Fashoda Road and Cecil Road
Kitchener Road between Fashoda Road and the river
Dogpool Lane from the river bridge to Manilla Road
Moor Green Lane adjacent to river bridge

RESIDENTS WHO LIVE IN THE FLOOD RISK ZONE ARE URGED TO SIGN UP WITH THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY FOR THE FLOOD WARNINGS DIRECT SERVICE. If the level of the River Rea starts to rise dangerously you will receive a call to your landline or mobile to warn you to be prepared IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO THE SCHEME. Please use the following link to the Environment Agency for details. Click here to access the flooding pages of the Environment Agency’s website where you can check if your home is in a flood risk location, register for the FWD service if it is, check flood warnings in force at any time, learn about how to prepare against flooding and obtain advice on what to do in the event of a flood.

RESIDENTS LIVING IN THE FLOOD RISK ZONE NEED TO BE FAMILIAR WITH THE FLOOD ACTION PLAN. Please click HERE to access a copy of the plan and to print it so that it is easily available in the event of a Flood Alert.

FOR IMMEDIATE FLOOD WARNING INFORMATION call the Environment Agency Floodline number on 0345 988 1188. When you are asked if you know the quick dial number for your area to hear flood warning information enter 308112.


TO SEE THE CURRENT AND RECENT LEVEL OF THE RIVER REA AT CALTHORPE PARK, please click HERE. This information is provided from the automatic reiver level gauge at Calthorpe. Please be aware that this gauge is downstream from the confluence of the Rea and Bourn Brook and so will not entirely relect the river level in Selly Park South. However it serves as a broad indicator of how the river is behaving. The Selly Park river gauge whilst fully active will not be shown on Live River Levels for some time until suffient data has accumulated to allow full calibration.

TO ACCESS ENVIRONMENT AGENCY FLOOD RISK MAPS use the following link, go to Section, click on Go to risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea map and enter your B29 postcode or if you are a visitor enter B29 7QQ which is located by Dogpool Bridge. Please click here.

WHAT IS BEING DONE TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION? To read about the River Rea Partnership please click here.

TO CONTACT SELLY PARK SOUTH FLOOD ACTION GROUP: Please email or write to us via the CONTACT US page of this website.


To find out about accessible and affordable PROPERTY INSURANCE through the FLOOD-RE scheme please click here.

About this website

Thanks: We wish to thank those people who have contributed content and advertising to the site. Our further thanks go to Christ Church, Selly Park, the Parish Church of our Neighbourhood, which so kindly provides the venue for our various meetings and also our postal address.

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